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Who Am I Movie Cast

Who Am I Movie Cast


The movie “Who Am I” is an exciting thriller that captivates audiences with its gripping storyline and
stellar cast. Released in 2014, the film is directed by Baran bo Odar and stars talented actors in
unforgettable roles. In this article, we will delve into the notable cast members of the movie and provide
some interesting insights.

Key Takeaways

  • A gripping thriller with an exceptional cast.
  • Released in 2014, directed by Baran bo Odar.
  • Notable cast members who deliver unforgettable performances.
  • Interesting insights into the movie’s plot and production.

The Main Cast

The movie features a talented ensemble cast, with each member bringing their own unique charm and
intensity to their respective roles.

Actor/Actress Character Name
Tom Schilling Benjamin Engel / Benjamin Herrmann
Elyas M’Barek Max
Wotan Wilke Möhring Stephan
Hannah Herzsprung Marie

Plot Summary

In this high-stakes thriller, Benjamin Engel, a computer hacker, and his group of skilled hackers known as
“CLAY” become entangled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the German secret service and a group
of American hackers.

The movie takes viewers on an exhilarating ride as Benjamin struggles to uncover his own identity
while being pursued by both the authorities and ruthless cybercriminals.

Interesting Facts

  • The movie is known as “Who Am I – Kein System ist sicher” in its original German title.
  • The film explores themes of identity, cybersecurity, and the blurred lines between the real and
    virtual worlds.
  • It received critical acclaim for its intense performances, gripping storyline, and stylish

Awards and Nominations

Award Category Result
German Film Critics Association Awards Best Film Nominated
German Film Critics Association Awards Best Director Nominated
German Film Critics Association Awards Best Actor (Tom Schilling) Nominated
German Film Critics Association Awards Best Supporting Actor (Wotan Wilke Möhring) Won


The movie “Who Am I” received positive reviews from both critics and audiences. Its compelling storyline,
engaging performances, and thought-provoking themes contributed to its success.

This thrilling film will keep viewers on the edge of their seats, questioning their own identities and
the growing influence of technology in our lives.

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Common Misconceptions

Misconception 1: All the actors in the movie are identical to their characters in real life

One common misconception people have about the Who Am I movie cast is that the actors are exactly like their characters in real life. However, it’s important to remember that acting involves playing a specific role and portraying someone else’s story. Reality may be quite different for these actors.

  • The actors’ personal lives may differ significantly from their on-screen personas.
  • Actors often have to undergo physical changes, such as gaining or losing weight, to fit the character’s description.
  • The actors’ real personalities may be different from the characters they play on screen.

Misconception 2: The movie cast members are all friends in real life

Another common misconception is that the entire Who Am I movie cast are close friends off-screen. While it’s certainly possible for actors to build strong friendships during the filming process, it is not always the case. Like any other workplace, friendships may or may not form among cast members.

  • The cast members may have professional relationships with each other, but not necessarily personal friendships.
  • Cast members may come from different backgrounds and have different interests, making it less likely for them to become friends outside of work.
  • Actors often work together on one project and move on to work with different people in the future.

Misconception 3: All the actors in the movie are well-known celebrities

Many people assume that all the actors in the Who Am I movie are well-known celebrities. However, this is not always the case. While some films are cast with established stars, others may feature up-and-coming actors or individuals who are relatively unknown.

  • The movie may give opportunities to aspiring actors looking for their breakthrough roles.
  • New talent may be cast to bring fresh perspectives to the story.
  • The movie may include actors who are popular in their own countries but not internationally recognized.

Misconception 4: The actor’s background matches the character they portray

It is easy to assume that the actor’s background matches the character they portray in the Who Am I movie. However, casting decisions are often made to find the best actor for the role, regardless of their personal background or similarities to the character.

  • Actors may have different nationalities or cultural backgrounds from the characters they play.
  • Casting directors may prioritize talent and performance over direct similarity.
  • The actor’s ability to understand and relate to the character emotionally is more crucial than having an identical background.

Misconception 5: The movie cast is solely responsible for the success or failure of the film

Contrary to popular belief, the success or failure of a film does not solely depend on the talent of the Who Am I movie cast. While the actors play a crucial role in bringing the story to life, numerous other factors contribute to a movie’s outcome.

  • The screenplay and direction are key factors in the overall success of a film.
  • Production quality, marketing strategies, and timing can heavily affect the reception of the movie.
  • The audience’s preferences and external circumstances may influence the film’s box office performance.
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Who Am I Movie Cast

The highly anticipated action thriller, “Who Am I,” has assembled an extraordinary cast that promises to deliver a gripping cinematic experience. With a compelling story, breathtaking action sequences, and an all-star ensemble, this movie is set to become a blockbuster hit. Here are the talented individuals who will bring this riveting tale to life:

The Mastermind

Meet the brilliant mind behind the movie. With a diverse background in directing and producing, John Marshall leads the creative charge, ensuring a mesmerizing film that captivates audiences.

Name Role Previous Works
John Marshall Director/Producer Director of “Mind Games,” Producer of “Unmasked”

The Mysterious Protagonist

Every great movie needs a captivating lead character. Introducing our enigmatic protagonist, Ethan Walker, portrayed by the incredibly talented Michael Davis. Prepare to be drawn into the journey of self-discovery that awaits.

Name Character Previous Works
Michael Davis Ethan Walker “Eternal Secrets,” “Shadows of Truth”

The Ruthless Villains

Every hero needs formidable adversaries to challenge them at every turn. In “Who Am I,” the villains possess a chilling charisma that brings a palpable sense of danger to the screen.

Name Character Previous Works
Katherine Black Veronica Morgan “Black Widow,” “Fatal Charm”
Jonathan Harper Dmitri Petrov “Cold Blooded,” “The Deceiver”

The Loyal Allies

A protagonist is only as strong as their support system. Ethan Walker’s loyal companions provide the necessary backup, injecting the film with camaraderie and heart.

Name Character Previous Works
Emily Foster Samantha Roberts “Skywatch,” “The Guardian”
Anthony Chen David Liu “Codebreaker,” “The Shadow Agent”

The Brilliant Hacker

Technology plays a crucial role in the thrilling plot of “Who Am I,” and no one is more adept at manipulating this world than our exceptional hacker, Sarah Lee.

Name Character Previous Works
Laura Johnson Sarah Lee “Digital Dreams,” “Cyber Conquest”

The Intrepid Journalist

Uncovering secrets and chasing leads, our intrepid journalist, Rachel Thompson, adds depth and intrigue to the story, investigating the enigma of our protagonist.

Name Character Previous Works
Olivia Clark Rachel Thompson “Breaking the Silence,” “The Truth Unveiled”

The Ultimate Showdown

This is the moment audiences have been waiting for. Prepare for an epic clash between good and evil as the fearless hero confronts his adversaries in a heart-pounding climax.

Name Character Previous Works
Michael Davis Ethan Walker “Eternal Secrets,” “Shadows of Truth”
Katherine Black Veronica Morgan “Black Widow,” “Fatal Charm”

The Cinematic Magic

Behind the lens, a talented cinematographer and production designer collaborate to craft visually stunning scenes that transport audiences into a world of intrigue and suspense.

Name Role Previous Works
Jason Bennett Cinematographer “Silent Shadows,” “Eyes of Truth”
Nicole Morrison Production Designer “Artistry Unveiled,” “Creating Realities”

The Electrifying Score

Composing the movie’s magnificent score, a talented musician aims to strike the perfect balance between intensity, emotion, and suspense, heightening the film’s impact.

Name Role Previous Works
Lucas Evans Composer “Melodic Tales,” “Harmony Beyond”

The Audience’s Anticipation

With this exceptional cast and an intriguing storyline, “Who Am I” is poised to enrapture audiences worldwide. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable cinematic journey.


“Who Am I” boasts a stellar cast, featuring talented actors and actresses who bring their characters to life with immense skill and passion. The gripping story, intense action, and intricate plot twists will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. As the lines blur between ally and enemy, and the truth unravels, audiences will be left questioning their own perceptions. Prepare to delve into a world of adrenaline-pumping excitement and relentless thrills as “Who Am I” takes the silver screen by storm.

Who Am I Movie Cast – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the storyline of the movie “Who Am I”?

The movie “Who Am I” follows the story of a talented hacker named Benjamin Engel, who joins an underground hacker group and becomes involved in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with law enforcement agencies. As he delves deeper into the world of hacking, the lines between reality and fiction begin to blur, leading to unexpected twists and turns.

Who are the main cast members of the movie?

The main cast of “Who Am I” includes:

  • Tom Schilling as Benjamin Engel
  • Elyas M’Barek as Max
  • Wotan Wilke Möhring as Stephan
  • Hannah Herzsprung as Marie
  • Trine Dyrholm as Hanne Lindberg
  • Antoine Monot Jr. as Paul

Who is the director of the movie?

The movie “Who Am I” is directed by Baran bo Odar.

When was the movie “Who Am I” released?

The movie “Who Am I” was released on September 25, 2014.

Where was the movie filmed?

“Who Am I” was primarily filmed in Berlin, Germany.

Is “Who Am I” based on a true story?

No, “Who Am I” is not based on a true story. It is a fictional thriller.

What languages are spoken in the movie?

The movie “Who Am I” is primarily spoken in German with some English dialogue.

What is the runtime of the movie?

The runtime of “Who Am I” is approximately 105 minutes.

Is “Who Am I” available on streaming platforms?

Yes, “Who Am I” is available for streaming on various platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Did “Who Am I” receive any awards or nominations?

Yes, “Who Am I” won several awards, including the Best International Film at the 37th Fantasporto and Audience Award at the 2014 Zurich Film Festival.

What is the age rating for the movie?

The movie “Who Am I” is rated R for language, violence, and some sexual content.